The recent red-hot temperatures have not only called for an ice cold drink, but also for the rescue of several people and dogs in Northern Colorado.

The Larimer County Department of Natural Resources warns that with the hot temperatures expected this week, we should take extra precautions to prevent heat exhaustion, dehydration, and other heat-related ailments for ourselves and animals. Precautions include the following:

  • Take along plenty of water for ourselves as well as dogs or horses we might be hiking with;
  • Drink water even when we're not thirsty;
  • Wear a hat, lightweight/loose clothing, and sunscreen;
  • Seize all activities and retreat to a cool area if we feel faint or weak.

According to a news release, 7 people and 4 dogs have been rescued along Larimer County's parks and open spaces as of July 31, 2016 - efforts which were assisted by Larimer county rangers. By following the precautions above, we can possibly prevent further incidents from happening.

Whenever I go hiking, I always try to make sure I drink all the water I bring with me by the end of my hike because I know my body will be thanking me at the end of the day. I'll admit, I need to be better about providing water for my dog, Jaq Jaq (pictured), when I take him with me (though, he's pretty picky about when and what he drinks his water from). Since I carry him in a pouch on my stomach, he's exerting less energy, which I imagine helps a bit.

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