Apparently the female flower of the hops plant is having an unexpected side effect. Is this something the beer drinkers of Northern Colorado should worry about? According to several news sources including Fox News, hops contain a serious amount of phytoestrogen, a plant estrogen that women have used to fight off insomnia and help subside the symptoms of menopause.

With craft breweries known for using 400% to 500% more hops than mainstream beer manufacturers, this is leading to an affliction known as "Brewers Droop"...more commonly know as "man boobs." There are, however, other opinions that direct the cause for men's growing bust size to another culprit, that of high-calorie intake. Hoppy, high alcohol beers commonly contain a much higher calorie count than more traditional beers.

So, really, the jury is still out. However, if you see your bosom growing in an unwanted way, you may want to take some action by cutting back on the hoppy beers and maybe hitting the gym.

Watch the video above to hear Goldberg's reaction to this news and to also hear about the three people who he thinks are having the worst week ever. 

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