I was reading a story the other day and came across someone talking about how the soda Surge is making a comeback. Of course, this drew my attention very quickly because when I was growing up as a teenager in high school, Surge soda was my drink of choice. This was before we all knew that soda probably wasn't the best thing for you to drink, so when you had an extra sixty cents to drop into the soda machine, you did it!

This made me think about all the snack foods and drinks that were around in the 80's and 90's when we were kids and what happened to all of them. When I did a Google search "forgotten snack food", the list shocked me and made me wish some of these were still around. I may eat healthier than I did when I was a kid, but that doesn't mean a Strawberry and Creme Twinkie wouldn't entice me if I saw one right now!

Do you remember any of these forgotten snack foods?

Ecto Cooler:

You must remember Ecto Cooler from when you were a kid. It was a huge hit when the Ghostbuster craze was still popular across the country. Maybe when Ghostbusters 3 comes out, Ecto Cooler will make a return?

Strawberry Twinkie:

I wasn't joking about it when I mentioned it above. Strawberry Twinkies were the BOMB. Maybe they would wear out their welcome after a while, but it would be nice to have these back to try out just once.

Pepsi Blue:

Ok...so Pepsi Blue only lasted a couple years after it's launch in 2002. And Pepsi Clear didn't last that long either so maybe Pepsi should've known better. But I was a fan. Doesn't that matter?

Boppers Candy Bar:

So this is the last one on my list that I wish would make a comeback. But I was a HUGE fan of a Boppers Candy Bar. With that peanut buttery goodness in the middle...mmmmm. It just melted in your mouth when you bit into it. Can't they bring it back for one last run?

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