After four weekends and nearly four weeknights of work after work, I moved onto the next part of the project for the miter saw station... Adding stuff into the drawers! So far, I have 23 of the 29 drawers assembled and 19 of those have drawer fronts attached.

Matt Sparx

Let me tell you this, adding drawer fronts is no fun. This is probably the most frustrating part of the entire build. Thankfully, most of them are done. Last night I finalized the large drawers to the left of the miter saw. Initially, the plans called for only two drawers at 10 inches deep. There was a few inches of empty space above the top drawer in the plans and decided to utilize that space for other tools, pencils, product manuals, notebooks, etc. that would otherwise not have a dedicated drawer.

Matt Sparx

I figured this would be the best use of space. I have a bad habit of losing pencils and I am hoping that this will alleviate that habit.

Matt Sparx

I also thought it would be a good idea to put my chisels in their own compartment as well. Later on, I will put some sort of support block in for the blades to help with them not rolling around on their handles in the drawer.

In the first part of the build ( HERE) the carcasses for the cabinets were built and in the second part (HERE) are mounted to the wall and ready for the drawers.

I am hoping that this build will give me ample storage for my tools and other items in the garage that will free up the insane amount of clutter that has accumulated over the past 12 months. I am getting really excited to start adding more of my tools into the drawers over the next few days!

I have had some questions in regards to this build, so I will cover those now.

How much wood have you used? So far I have used 11 sheets of 3/4" maple plywood for the cabinet carcasses, counter tops and the drawers. I have also gone through 3 1/2" sheets of plywood that have been used for the drawer fronts, the top of the upper drawers and for the drawer bottom of the extra pencil drawer. 

What kind of drawer slides are you using and how many have you used? I have used 24 pairs of 24" 100lb. full extension drawer slides for all of the drawer that are in the plan. The large drawers have doubled up drawer slides for a capacity of 200lbs. of storage per drawer. The smaller added drawer has a pair of 18" drawer slides. I had to use a shorter pair as the framing in the back of the carcass interfered with the 24" drawer slides. 

How did you make the cabinets? Pocket hole screws. Lots and lots of pocket hole screws. So far, I have used over 500 Kreg 1 1/4" coarse thread screws for the joinery of the carcasses and drawers. 

Thanks for taking time to read about my DIY adventures! My next blog about this project will be the completed project!