In 2006, I did something that every Coloradoan should do:  I moved away.  (Heyo!!)  I actually mean that, though, because it made me appreciate this place like I had never imagined.

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I lived in Vermont for a year (an extremely impressive location in its own right.)  Then, I lived in Indianapolis for another.  When I returned to Colorado, I could not believe how well I slept!!  So it's no surprise to me that, statistically, we Coloradoans get more sleep than people in any other state.

You could attribute that to the cool, crisp mountain air, and how it can literally feel like a gentle massage on your skin.  Or, you could just adopt one of my favorite mantras:  "Work Hard, Play Hard."  Which, of course, requires getting lots of sleep.

Other Fun Colorado Findings

The above comes from a yearly study that falls under the umbrella of "Happiest to Least Happy States in the U.S."  Here's how Wallet Hub broke that down:

  • So far as sheer, personal joy, Colorado comes in 13th.
  • In terms of having a pleasant environment at work?  7th.
  • "Community and Environment" ranking for us is 33rd.

Hey, wait!  Who the Heck is Beating Us??

Click here and find out that, and the rest of these stats.






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