I've always hated softball, but not because of the sport itself. Let's just say that I had a brief stint as a softball player in the seventh grade, and I preferred being a right fielder because I could easily avoid the ball.

Still, when I found out that Colorado is home to the oldest softball team in the U.S., I was interested. And by oldest, I don't mean the first.

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According to Denver7, the Colorado Peaches softball team is literally the oldest one in the country. Made up of senior women, every player on the team is over 50 years old — some players are even in their 90s.

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"I, like a lot of the Peaches, just love the game and want to keep playing," Fran Simon told the station, calling herself a "Baby Peach" at 52 years old. Maggie, the oldest player, is almost 91.

Although the Peaches lost their coach, Gail Klock, to cancer earlier this year, the team recently competed at the World Senior Games in Utah. They didn't win, but according to the Colorado Peaches website, the team serves a greater purpose: "To empower senior women to grow physically, mentally and spiritually by contributing time and effort developing camaraderie in the spirit of play."

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Since its founding in 1991, the team has continued to welcome new members. Interested parties can reach out by emailing fieldofourown@gmail.com.

The Colorado Peaches also have their own fan club and accept donations to help cover equipment and travel costs.


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