Here is a great Christmas gift idea! A pair of Northern Colorado entrepreneurs have invented a natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant that is made in Fort Collins. Jason and Erica Feucht, are the inventors of Pit Liquor deodorant and the founders of Distilled Bath and Body.  They use whiskey and vodka as a base for their products and only use ingredients that are "safe enough to eat" or drink.

After running a kickstarter campaign, they raised enough money to move their operation from their home in Livermore to a small factory in Fort Collins.

Pit Liquor - Whiskey Black Pepper
Courtesy of Distilled Bath & Body

So why Pit Liquor?

First of all, Jason and Erica both have a good sense of humor and according to the Distilled Bath & Body website:

We made Pit Liquor because we were tired of how pervasively we found noxious chemicals in our environment and on/in our bodies. We don't spray chemicals on our yard, we avoid pesticides, herbicides, and eat organic food. Yet we still find ourselves inundated with harsh chemicals and toxins. After getting organic food figured out, deodorant was top of our list of offenders. So, we solved the problem ourselves.

Naturally, whiskey was the answer.

Pit Liquor - Chai Spice
Courtesy of Distilled Bath & Body

Pit Liquor Products

  • Chai Spice Deodorant
  • Whiskey Vanilla Deodorant
  • Whiskey Lavender
  • Whiskey Black Pepper
  • Vodka Unscented
  • Just Whiskey Deodorant


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