Who thought you could get an incredible culinary experience...at the airport?

Gourmet food halls are becoming much more popular at airports these days: a good example is the incredible spread at the Newark Liberty International Airport, which features cuisines from all over the world and interactive iPads, so that you never have to speak to a soul while you chow down between trips. Crazy, right?

Denver Central Market will be similar, advertised as a 'gourmet market and food hall housing a variety of local restaurants'. You can get pizza, artisinal meats and cheeses, rotisserie chicken, sushi, and more.

Photograph provided courtesy of the Denver International Airport

In the newly renovated space, you'll be able to eat and charge your phone, grab a coffee, or maybe a beer before the 8-hour trip to New York you're dreading. No matter what you're craving, it sounds like the Denver Airport is the new place to be.

Get excited about the new food options here, with images courtesy of DIA. Anyone ready for lunch?