A couple of months ago, the Denver Zoo announced that the flamingo exhibit would be getting a fabulous new makeover, and recently even more exciting news has been revealed. In addition to that revamp, the Zoo will also be building a brand new Australian and New Zealand-themed habitat that's expected to open to visitors next year.

One of the coolest things about this new exhibit will be how close it lets guests get to some of the region's most diverse species. For example, a wallaby walk-through area will be located in the center of the Down Under experience, allowing zoo-goers to share a space with these adorable animals and better understand the habitat they live in by being immersed in it themselves.

The area devoted to Australia and New Zealand will cover approximately two acres of the Zoo's property. The landscaping throughout the display will aim to mimic the region’s ecosystems.

During the project, a focus on improving habitats for the current Australian and New Zealand species, like the cassowaries and kea, who already live on-site will take place too.

Part of this exhibit also includes the Zoo’s first “conservation station,” which will give visitors the ability to put into practice conservation learnings and actions. In addition, there's going to be space for educational programming and small events.

The Down Under experience will be moving into the former Bird World location, which permanently closed in 2019. The demolition has already started, and the new exhibit is slated to open in the summer of 2023.

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