In the home-selling biz, realtors are known to bend the rules and negotiate in order to make that final sale. However, there's one rule that will never go unchallenged: don't steal people's stuff. 

Denice Rich was a realtor with RE/MAX for almost 50 years, according to 9News. However, when several stories circulated on the popular neighborhood app NextDoor that she was removing "Black Lives Matter" signs from homes in the neighborhood she predominantly sells in, RE/MAX was quick to remove her from their team.

RE/MAX Alliance owner Chad Ochsner decided to let Reich go on August 3 after reading the posts regarding the affluent Hilltop neighborhood in Denver. However, when anchor Kyle Clark reached out to Reich for a comment, she refused to speak to them:

Reich said “you distort the news, I can’t talk to people who distort the news.” She later hung up.

That's not a good look, Denice. 

Ochsner, on behalf of his RE/MAX Alliance branch later said that the company does not condone trespassing or theft, no matter what the politics are.

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