Now that all residents of Denver are required to wear face masks while out in public (starting Wednesday, May 6), the same rules have been extended to the Denver International Airport.

According to Denver7, if you are traveling through the airport and going through TSA, you must wear a mask the whole time. You will be allowed to adjust your mask so that TSA can confirm your identity during checkpoint screening.

Just days ago, cell phone footage of a packed American Airlines flight went viral for the lack of social distancing within the rows and the lack of passengers wearing masks. You can see that video here:

Since then, airlines have quickly made changes to protect their passengers from COVID-19 and now, entire airports are putting measures into place as well.

DIA's employees, by the way, are already required to wear face masks. The airport will continue to put other measures into place to keep passengers safe, including placing disinfecting wipes at every gate, disabling hand dryers in restrooms, closing food court seating, and more.

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