I've narrowed my Halloween costume ideas down to 3 choices - now I want you to help decide what or who I'll dress as this year!

Last year I was a Moscow Mule (though, some people thought I was either a margarita or Corona and honestly, I looked more like those than a Moscow Mule). This year, I'm torn between being Lamb Chop, Sia, or a sloth for Halloween. I'm heavily leaning toward Lamb Chop because I've been promising myself that that's who I'll be every year, but fail to remember my promise until the day of. Sia would be an easy costume because *wig* and a sloth would be comfortable and low-key.

So, who/what should I be for Halloween? Take the poll below!

NEWCOSPlAY/Amazon, Jason Bahr/Getty Images, Aurora World/Amazon

Here's what I definitely won't be dressing as, and neither should you!