The Rua grew up together playing instruments and singing songs — so naturally, it was only a matter of time before the siblings teamed up and formed a proper family band.

The "Without You" British folk-pop troupe recently stopped by PopCrush HQ during a whirlwind week of promo, having been performing shows and meeting with press all around the country. During the chat, Roseanna, Alanna and Jonathan explained their songwriting process as a group — which can be a painstakingly long process in order to please each member.

"Sometimes it's instant. Sometimes it could take months," says Jonathan.

The group also dives into the inspiration behind their lyrics, as well as guiding us through their current promo tour, having played last year with the likes of everyone from Adam Lambert to Rachel Platten to Karmin. They're in good company, too: their debut album Essence features legendary players who've worked with legends like Blondie, Noel Gallagher and Stevie Nicks.

As for dream songwriting collaborations in the future? There's tons on their list — including the wigged one herself: Sia.

For now, they're only just getting started. And from the sound of it, maybe those dream collaborations won't stay dreams for long.

For more, check out The Rua on Twitter and Facebook, watch their performances of "Without You" and "Stand Out" below, and check out their debut album Essence, out now.

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