Well, that's probably the strangest headline I've ever wrote.

For those unaware, kangaroos aren't nothin' to mess with. These beasts are strong and vicious, despite what Kangaroo Jack taught us all to believe.

This video is proof. It's like Ray Lewis died and came back as a beastly kangaroo.

A video has gone viral showing a group of cyclist enjoying a nice little ride in the land down under. Of course, in Australia, you never know when one of these hopping friends will decide to stop by.

For one unfortunate cyclist, the kangaroo came at the worst time.

As she was riding at a pretty good speed, a kangaroo came flying into her head like a hairy rocket. The clip reminds me of videos where fishermen are traveling slowly through a lake with a bunch of jumping fish flying all around them, except this is a monstrous kangaroo.

Of course, the blow knocked out cyclist down quickly, and even dislocated her shoulder, although she is much better now, and even laughing about the ordeal.


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