Colorado State University scientists have won an award that will allow them to study streams and snowpack in the Cameron Peak Fire area.

The National Science Foundation granted CSU $50,000 for their study, which will allow them to see the effect the fire has had on our waterways. Since the Cameron Peak Fire burned at such a high elevation and in our local watershed, researchers want to know more about its effects on our cities.

Not only did much of the Cameron Peak Fire burn at a high elevation, but it spread to lower elevations as well which, according to a press release, means it burned both transitional and intermittent snow zones. This means it's a unique case, and worth a study.

Researchers want to see if Northern Colorado could run into issues post-fire like debris flows. Thanks to the $50,000 prize, the team will be able to go into the burn area and study as much as they can before more snow falls this season.

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How The 2020 Cameron Peak Fire Has Grown


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