Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is looking for overweight or obese dogs with no other major health problems for a clinical trial that will investigate new canine diet formulas. Enrolled dogs will be fed the new diet for one month.

Dr. Elizabeth Ryan, the veterinarian in charge of the study, says dogs get the same benefits as people when they slim down.

“Putting an overweight dog on a diet will improve his quality of life, increase his life span, decrease chronic inflammation and decrease his risk for some cancers, arthritis, diabetes and some respiratory and urinary tract infections,” Ryan said.

[ via The Denver Post ]

In order for your dog to be eligible for the study they must meet these minimum requirements:

All charges associated with the study and the cost of the food is covered by the study. Owners will be provided with supplies to make fecal collection as easy as possible. In addition, participants who complete the study will receive a $50.00 credit that may be used for any services or products offered at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

[ CSU Animal Cancer Center ]

For additional information, visit the CSU Animal Cancer Center’s website.

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