The rivalry between Colorado State University and the University of Colorado runs deep, especially with this golfer who found a ball while out playing a round.

When you first watch the video, you don’t immediately understand what the issue is, before the golfer tosses the ball into the nearby pond. Then, you see that the ball was adorned with the CU Buffaloes logo all over it.

It had to be interesting, to come upon a ball shot by a University of Colorado fan, buried in the grass while shooting hole #7 at this particular course. Maybe this golfer had intentions of keeping the ball, as many golfers do (balls aren’t exactly cheap,) but then realized it was a CU ball.

So, our CSU fan golfer did what any Green and Gold alumni would do, take out your camera and film yourself sending that CU ball into the depths of the water. Go, Rams.

If I were to come a across a lost disc while playing disc golf, and the found disc had CU all over it, and there was water nearby, I’m not sure that I wouldn’t do exactly the same.

There’s no audio in the video, except for the faint, yet distinct, sound of that Callaway hitting the surface of the water. ‘Plunk.’

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