When I first visited CSU as a high school student, the tour guide was very enthusiastic about the fact that CSU was one of the last colleges in the nation to still serve alcohol on its campus.  I'll admit: as a teenager quickly entering his adult life, I was excited about that.  And when I turned 21, having chosen to attend CSU, a good friend bought me a beer at the Ramskeller bar in the Lory Student Center.  Fast forward a few years...

...and CSU now has a major that's all about brewing beer!  So those students need to have somewhere to hone their skills, right?  Right.

To help educate the next generation of brewers in Fort Collins and beyond, CSU is planning to install a brewery in Lory StudentCenter's pub called the Ramskeller. The small microbrewery would provide students hands-on training.

CSU's student brewery proposal is rare and has only been done in a few other schools around the country such as the University of California, Davis, Oregon State and the Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago.

[via 9news.com.]

Especially with how huge the beer industry is in Colorado, I think this is a brilliant move by CSU.  Keep those talented brewers in our neighborhood!  They get to do what they love, and it stimulates the economy.  It's win-win, if you ask me.

Here's the whole story, as told by 9News.  What do you think about a brewery on a college campus?

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