A team of engineers from Woodward, Inc. and Colorado State University have joined forces to create a low-cost ventilator for the COVID-19 fight.

This durable machine uses a natural gas fuel injector, the idea of which was pioneered by Bryan Willson, the executive director of CSU's Energy Institute. According to Source,

Willson contacted Tom Gendron, president and CEO of Woodward – known for its expertise in the manufacture and design of control systems for the aerospace and industrial sectors – to propose an idea: Could their off-the-shelf fuel injectors be modified to regulate the flow of oxygen for a ventilator?

While they'd never made a ventilator before, Woodward sprung into action to help. The prototype has been tested and the ventilator's first two pilot units are already in production.

The team even got a shout-out from Governor Polis in a press conference, who called the project "a great example of Colorado innovation and ingenuity."

To learn more about this groundbreaking ventilator, head here.

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