This Arizona couple was, apparently, not "lovin' it". They got into a fracas with employees at a McDonald's and ended up calling 911 because they didn't get hash browns with the breakfast order.

According to ABC 15, the couple has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct after this little fiasco.The husband and wife claim they ordered two breakfast combos, but did not receive their hash browns with the meals. They went inside to get their side items but they say that employees wouldn't give them their food or a refund, so the wife threw her food as the employees and the husband went behind the counter to confront the manager.

That was out of frustration which I probably shouldn't have done, but I did. Fighting over $2 of hash browns is ridiculous. It is ridiculous to have to fight that hard just to get customer service.

In total, three people called 911 during the incident, the husband, and employee and another customer. You can hear some of the calls in the video below.

Thrown food, a near-fist-fight and three 911 calls over $2 worth of hash browns? I think just about everyone involved in this case need to sit down, relax a little bit, and have a long hard think about their lives. Yeesh.

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