To me, getting a great seafood dinner is an experience. It's not just going to 'some' place. Apparently, the ONE place to hit up - is in Denver!

How much do YOU like seafood? What KIND of seafood do you like? I ask because it may matter if you're heading out the one place in all of Colorado with the best reviews according to Yelp. MSN has the full list- every #1 place in the whole U.S., but we'll just look at Colorado.

When I think of a GREAT seafood joint, I think of steak and lobster.THAT kind of place. This place in Denver, the most popular in all of Colorado, is NOT that kind of place. Not to say that it's not worth checking out.

It's Angelo's Taverna. Forget steak and lobster-- with this place we're talking FUN. Pizza, pasta, and oysters! What the what? That's what I said!  They are on 6th between Downing and Logan- near Capitol Hill.

I say, the next time you have tickets to an event in Denver - maybe your next concert at the Pepsi Center, you swing by and check them out! The menu sounds AMAZING!

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