Hooray, it's officially fall and I'm certainly not mad about it. Especially living in such a great place to enjoy the autumn scenery. Colorado is an awesome place to be for fall adventures. I love fall, the older I get, the more I enjoy it. Now, whether you like to just drive by some spots and view them from the car or take a hike and climb to some spots a little off the beaten path is up to you. But sometimes, the hardest part is figuring out the best times and days to go to see the leaves and trees in their full splendor. That's where this is going to come into play and hopefully help you (and I) out this year.

Our good friends at KDVR seem to believe that this year's fall colors should be gracing us with their presence on time, for the most part. Of course, things can change a bit depending on if we get some colder temperatures early in the year. Kind of like last year when it snowed the day after we had 100-degree temps for Labor Day.

Here are the dates for when you can expect to see the most vivid fall colors:

  • September 21-30
    • Steamboat & Flat Tops
    • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • September 17-Oct. 1
    • Aspen
    • Grand Mesa
    • Gunnison
    • Sawatch Range
  • September 19- Oct. 3
    • Northern San Juan Mountains
    • Southern San Juan Mountains
    • Sangre De Cristo
  • October
    • Denver

Once again, these dates can change depending on how drastic of weather changes we experience. And, another fun fact about fall colors, the higher the elevation, the earlier the colors will arrive because of the colder temps up there.

To check out the closest spots to NoCo to check out the fall colors, click HERE.


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