How many times have you been to Boyd Lake this summer? How about the Windsor Lake swim beach? If we can't go to the bars, we'll go to Horsetooth Reservoir...this is Colorado mid and post pandemic!

According to The Denver Post, Colorado's outdoor recreation industry is bringing a huge amount of money to our economy:

6.7 million people participate in water-related recreation annually, supporting more than 131,000 direct and indirect jobs.  (Source)

That accounts for an economic boost of more than $18 billion per year.

This shows just how important our rivers, reservoirs, and waterways are in our communities...which means we need to keep them clean and protected.

With social distancing encouraging our NoCo community to get outside (and the weather getting hotter and hotter, therefore pushing people towards the water), we can't help but flock to the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs that make Colorado home. When's the last time you recreated on water?

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