A Steamboat Springs High School teacher, Ryan Ayala, assigned sexually explicit material containing vulgar language and sexting with minors without parental consent to a "Music Literature" class.

Monday, the district apologized.

One lesson was centered around the poem "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg, which "was the "most offensive" material covered in his class... requiring students to fill in blanks such as "f---ed in the a--" and "c--t" and other lewd language", reported Fox News.

Fox News also reported that "the poem was in a book approved by the school board, but it had the words considered offensive censored. Ayala had students fill in the censored parts of the poem."

Other lessons included a classroom discussion on the symbolism of the phrase "granite c--k" and reviewing a song that talked about sexting or offering sexual favors to a teenager.

Meeks said the district is working to make sure teachers are aware of "proper procedures around incorporating controversial materials" and follow them, as well as giving alternative assignments for students who opt out, reported Fox News.

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Source: Fox News

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