Kareem Rosser, a recent graduate of Colorado State University and a standout in the world of polo, will be on HBO's "Real Sports" tomorrow night.

Kareem was first spotlighted on HBO's "Real Sports" when he was just a little guy at the Philadelphia-based "Work to Ride" program, where inner-city youth have the chance to ride horses and play polo in exchange for work performed around the stables.

In his first interview with "Real Sports," little Kareem says "I'd probably be on the streets right now. I just want to go to college and play polo." And for the next decade plus, that's exactly what Kareem has been doing. His polo career, not just helping the CSU club team win its fourth national title, but he's also had the opportunity to travel the world from Europe to Africa.

Rosser has continued to give back to the "Work to Ride" program the one that helped him to escape the negative influences of his neighborhood and guided them to back-to-back championships.

The success Rosser has found in life and as a result of being introduced to polo will be revisited tomorrow night on HBO, where the now less shy and more confident Kareem says, "I literally just rode off into the sunset and kept going."

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