For everyone that was born or raised or visited and fell in love with Colorado, I don't think I need to explain why I want to do a blog series about why Colorado Rocks. I love this state, not only for the nature, weather, beer, but also for the people and the spirit that we have in this state. I wanted to showcase, or more like brag, about why I am so proud and so in love with the state of Colorado.

This is Why Colorado Rocks: We Love The Wild.

Particularly the Wild Animal Sanctuary based out in Keansburg, Colorado. Not only is it one of the coolest places you will ever visit, but it is one of the best 5k/10k you could ever participate in. This 5k (they also had a 10k) went above and beyond anything I excepted.

Before the race, they had vendors lined up that had amazing items for sell. They also were serving, free beer, much appreciated surprise to a 5k. During the race, the course was right along the cages of the animals, so you could see up close as you completed the course the lions, tigers, and bears, which was an experience all in itself. After the race, they had 2 live bands (Saturday was Chris Daniel and The Kings, Dakota Blonde. Sunday is Stereo Clone and Wendy Woo) and plenty of food from breakfast burritos (even vegan ones) to fruit and bagels. All the food was provided from UNC Catering and I don't know if you have ever experienced UNC Catering but it will change your view on food from a college and you will want to book them for your next event. I still tell of the time I experience their homemade whipped cream and how life changing it was.

They also made sure everyone was safe and had the local Fire and EMS standing by just in case anything came up. Events still are going on Sunday, get all the details at the link below. With registration a t-shirt, coffee mug, and free entrance to the sanctuary was all inclusive! I can not stress enough how much fun I had this morning and how much this place is worth absolutely every cent that can donated.