Carlos Gonzales showed off his talents at Coors Field for several years and now, is bringing his baseball along with his knowledge and talents to Northern Colorado as he is now a partner and investor in Future Legends Complex, including both Northern Colorado Owlz and Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC.



To have someone of "CarGo's" caliber and quality joining in on the Future Legends game plan with the minor league baseball Owlz and Hailstorm FC is huge and quite frankly, really cool.

Just in case you forgot how awesome Carlos Gonzales was for the Rockies, here's a little refresher:

YouTube/Andrew Johnston


So yeah, plenty of excitement for Carlos to be a part of the newest sports teams in Northern Colorado which is going to not only be fun but showing off a state of the art and first class facility that will rival any other facility in minor league sports.


While this impressive and beautiful facility gets completed, for the short term, both teams will be playing at Jackson Field Sports Complex at UNC until the Future Legends project is up and rolling by late summer.

Single game tickets and season ticket packages are available now if you'd like get in on a piece of the action which looks to be a blast for people of all ages.

Northern Colorado, we are about to have a lot of fun and me personally am excited to support these two new teams and welcome them to our community and of course, a big welcome to Carlos Gonzales as well.

So exciting.



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