The weekend snowstorm definitely kept police and rescue crews busy on the roadways, while West Metro Fire Rescue in Lakewood dealt with a different type of situation, requiring them to help save a life. 

On Sunday, a person walking around Lakewood’s Main Reservoir called Fire Rescue to alert them of a deer that was stuck in the middle of the frozen body of water. Animal control believed that a predator had chased the buck out onto the ice, where it then fell through and was unable to get out. Once rescue crews arrived, they broke a path in the ice in order to get to the deer, and were then able to hook a lasso around its antlers. After turning it around, a member of the crew led the buck back through the frigid water to shore. To help with hypothermia, animal control wrapped the poor guy in lots of blankets and put him in the back of their van – taking three hours in total to warm back up to normal temperature. Check out photos of the rescue below:


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