Have you ever had a hard time paying your phone bill? Me, too. This house is not for us.

This house— I'm sorry— epic ranch estate in Grand County was just sold for the grand sum of $30 million, according to 9News. The ranch encompasses 10 square miles, has 6,343 private acres and its own ski slopes.

Flipping through the photos on the original listing's website, I saw beautiful scenery, private landscapes and then BOOM! A dude with a dead elk. It was like flipping through the photos on your boyfriend's camera reel and seeing something you weren't supposed to see. That's kind of what these property owners are after, though: the interior sort of feels like the inside of a Cabela's.

See it for yourself right here:

The home was originally listed by Charlie Gallagher and the broker was Brian Smith of Hall and Hall Real Estate. See the full listing right here, but bad news if you're after it: like we said above, this baby has been sold.

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