If you go to the store with, say, a rare quarter, you'll get to spend 25 cents. However, it goes without saying that some coins appreciate in value and can certainly be worth more than it says on the front of them.

You probably remember the state-specific United States quarters that came out beginning in 1999, and may even have one in your pocket, but have you ever thought that they might be worth something more than just 25 cents?

It turns out that the Colorado quarter from 2006 can actually be worth a little more than what you'd expect, but not much. In fact, it wouldn't be worth the trouble to try to get more than what the store will give you for it, but it's pretty interesting to find out nonetheless.

What is the U.S. Colorado-Specific Quarter Worth?

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When the U.S. Treasury released these state-specific quarters they did so with five new ones per year, which made the Colorado quarter come out in 2006 and the Treasury switched to the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories in 2009 once they completed all 50 states.

Here's where the money, pun intended, comes into play.

If you come across a Colorado quarter from 2006 that is in pristine condition and hasn't been circulated, it's worth about 50 cents.

However, these quarters aren't always perfect and some of them go into circulation with errors, and those are the ones that can be much more valuable.

If you find a Colorado quarter with an error, or any of the other states that had errors reported which include Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the very first quarter released, Delaware, take it to a numismatist immediately.

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