Police are wearing body cams to document evidence.

The cameras act as a watchful eye to protect citizens and to prove that the police were doing their jobs when they cuff and stuff somebody. The eye on the body is watching, and they are really there to prevent wrongdoing on either side of the badge.

I guess I didn't realize how many heroic actions they would also capture.

Case in point? The footage captured above of a boy in blue pulling a teen that was about to freeze to the color blue in Parker. The camera catches the cop running to a find a branch to pull the boy out, and heading out onto the ice. The next thing we see is the full body of the rescued teen on the shore.

Very unfortunately, two other teens that fell through the ice were not able to be saved, and according to TheDenverChannel.com:

The  Parker Police Chief says the department is already making changes because of the tragedy. He says the Parker PD has purchased 75 ropes with throwable devices to be put in patrol cars in case of emergencies like this.

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