A Colorado bear is heading home for the holidays.

According to the CPW SE Region Twitter, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Officer Gretchen Holschuh discovered the animal on July 6 while it was scavenging porches and chicken coops in Beulah.

After realizing that the young bear was severely malnourished at 35 pounds, Holschuh transferred the animal to Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehab in Wetmore.

There, the animal learned to fear humans and developed natural eating habits.

On Sunday (Dec. 6), Holschuh was able to release the bear back into the wild at a healthy 140 pounds. In a video posted to Twitter, the animal is seen happily charging into the woods.

Even though the bear is now fully wild, CPW predicts that the animal will continue to practice the ultimate social distancing as it finds a cozy place to den for the winter.

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