When it comes to catching a fish in Colorado, there are many different types of lures, jigs, flies, and baits that can be used to hook the big one. Fish can be finicky when it comes to what they eat based on the temperature, time of day, and whether or not they are hungry.

Fishing for any fish takes a bit of practice and know-how. You have to know when, where, and how to catch the fish in any given region. Using certain methods like lures and jigs on some species of fish is safer for the animal.

St. Vrain State Park - Colorado State Parks Facebook used a viral meme to raise awareness of the benefits of not using live bait for certain species of fish.

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One of the reasons many trophy fisheries around the state, such as Bald Eagle Pond, prohibit the us of bait is that if a fish, such as a largemouth bass, bites onto bait, they often taste that it is authentic food and swallow it., lodging the hook deeper in the mouth, throad, or even gill; whereas if they taste it is something inedible such as wood or plastic, the will go "hawk tuah" and spit out that thang, therefore making it easier to release them with minimal injury.

You might not have caught the reference at first, but the "hawk tuah" is a viral video that has been making its rounds on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. The video of the girl being interviewed has amassed millions upon millions of views and has become an internet sensation. See the full post from St. Vrain State Park - Colorado State Parks on Facebook below.

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