If you've ever been camping you know that the bugs can be crazy here in Colorado.

What you may not know is the importance of protecting yourself from these pests.

One family found out the hard way that you have to be extra careful after you remove bugs, especially when it comes to removing ticks.

Heidi Ganahl’s daughter Jenna camped near Bailey recently and had a few ticks on her when she returned, according to a CBS Denver report.

Heidi removed the ticks from her daughter, but her daughter got sick shortly afterwards. What started as a dismissed rash gradually got worse. A few days after they found the rash Jenna's foot went to sleep and continued to be asleep the next day while spreading to her shin.

They went back to the doctor and discovered Jenna contracted tick paralysis, which is a rare disease caused when a neurotoxin from the tick enters the bloodstream. This is deadly when left untreated.

What most people forget is that even if the tick is removed a small part of the tick can be left behind. This is what happened to Heidi's daughter.

Once doctors cleansed the wound of what was left of the tick, Jenna got better.

Heidi's warning is simple, if you see a tick on your child or pet, remove ALL of the tick and follow up with a doctor visit.

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