Coloradoan Anthony Le liked the Iron Man comics from an early age.  Then, once Tony Stark donned the famous Iron Man suit on the silver screen, Le decided to build a suit of his own.  He decided to focus on the character of War Machine for this endeavor; and $4,000 later, the result could give the movie version a run for it's money.  Talk about dedication!


The costume of War Machine took 1 month to build and was constructed from high-impact urethane that was cut and then riveted together with around 1,500 rivets. The helmet was sculptured from clay and a liquid resin was used to create the final item, with servo motors added to operate the helmets face plate just like the film.

[via Geeky Gadgets.]

Here's a video of the suit in action.  Seriously, one of those big Hollywood studios needs to hire this guy to build props for them!

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