You know the feeling: You're sitting around at home, waiting for that all-important phone call. Maybe you just interviewed at a job and the big boss is supposed to call you any minute now. Maybe you just went on a date and you're waiting to hear back from that special someone. The phone rings. It's a robocall. Ugh. 

Most of us are bothered every day by autodialers reaching out with spam messages from robo-telemarketers, and it's so annoying. It's gotten so bad, that most cellular carriers have introduced an option where you can automatically reject spam or robocalls, and I definitely take advantage of that feature.

However, where does our state stand when it comes to robocalls? Colorado ranks surprisingly high on the list of states who are the most bothered by telemarketers: According to a study from WhistleOut, Americans get as many as 12 robocalls a month, and Colorado is bothered the seventh most. Yikes!

While we don't get as many as Arizona, who ranked number one, seventh is still pretty high. WhistleOut looked at "do not call" complaints registered by the Federal Trade Commission and the amount of robocalls per capita made nationwide to come up with their findings.

Maybe if your phone rings in the next ten minutes, it's a good time to let it go straight to voicemail...just to be safe.

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