Colorado joins four other states in the Western States Pact this week, which is (according to Denver 7) "a group of governors from the western states that have a shared vision for modifying the stay-at-home orders and continuing to fight the novel coronavirus."

The goal of this group? They're dedicated to following research and statistics when it comes to fighting the virus, not politics.

Governor Jared Polis made the announcement this morning, also noting that we will have to have a "multifaceted" and "bold" approach to fighting the virus and solving the pandemic.

The pact officially features three shared principles:

  1. Health of citizens comes before all else
  2. Politics will not guide any COVID-19 decisions
  3. States must work together to achieve results

With that, there are four goals, according to Denver7:

  1. Protecting vulnerable populations
  2. Having the hospital capacity and equipment to care for the sick
  3. Mitigating COVID-19 impacts for disadvantaged communities
  4. Having a set system for testing, tracking, and isolating the virus

Hopefully, by working together, we'll be able to ensure the safety of our citizens and deal with the virus more effectively going forward.

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