Everyone has daydreamed about it at some point: the idea of buying a sprinter van off of Craigslist, selling all of your belongings, and taking off across the U.S.

Colorado's culture is all about enjoying the outdoors and exploring nature, so it's no surprise that after a social media study, Spruce reported that our state is one of the top destinations for those who live on four wheels.

Here's how Spruce found their data:

Our team scraped five days worth of Instagram geotag data of posts using the hashtag #vanlife to gauge the top destinations for van life within the U.S., Europe, and other parts of the world.


According to their research, which also included posts gaining the most engagement in specific parts of the country, Spruce found that Boulder and Denver are two of the most visited areas for van lifers. With 78 total geotagged posts, Colorado ranks #3 on the list of most desirable #VanLifer locations.

Are you travelling the country on four wheels? Give us your best van life tips in the comments.

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