We all know how legendary the scenery is here in Colorado, and apparently it's more than just our rock formations. Rant Places has compiled their list of cities with the most attractive women in the Unites States. Along with Florida, Colorado is the only state to have two cities on this list, and you might be surprised how high one of them ranks.

19 - Lihu'e, Hawaii

18 - Aspen, Colorado

17 - Oxford, Mississippi

16 - Savannah, Georgia

15 - Chandler Arizona

14 - Bloomington, Minnesota

13 - San Marcos, Texas

12 - Cambridge, Massachusetts

11 - Coral Gables, Florida

10 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

9 - Nashville, Tennessee

8 - Eugene, Oregon

7 - Dana Point, California

6 - Cranston, Rhode Island

5 - Miami, Florida

4 - New York City, New York

3 - Los Angeles, California

2 - Boulder, Colorado

1 - Las Vegas, Nevada

So Colorado's own Boulder has the second most attractive women in the U.S. right behind Las Vegas. Is this surprising to you? To be honest I wasn't surprised to see Aspen, but Boulder at number two did catch me a little off guard.

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