When I was deciding where to go to college, a big part of me told me to go the community college route first: and no, it wasn't because I binged a ton of the fast-talking Dan Harmon classic (though now, that would certainly be a factor).

Overall, community college is usually cheaper and, if you're in the right part of the U.S., just as educationally rewarding as a state school.

WalletHub's recent study on the states with the best and worst community college systems would probably have made 2011 Scruggs rethink her college choices and go the cheaper route, since our state is home to one of the best.

In the list of states with the best community college systems, Colorado ranked 13th. Wyoming trumped us, coming in all the way at number 2: way to go, Wyoming. WalletHub's full study ranks the states in regards to best community college systems as follows:

1. Hawaii

2. Wyoming
3. Washington
4. Maryland
5. New Mexico
6. Connecticut
7. North Dakota
8. California
9. South Dakota
10. New York

11. Arkansas
12. Wisconsin
13. Colorado
14. Minnesota
15. Oregon
16. Virginia
17. New Jersey
18. Michigan
19. West Virginia
20. Tennessee

Obviously, I need to head to the islands if I want to get another degree: I wouldn't mind going to school in Hawaii.

Overall, I'm happy where I went to school-- I'm a proud CSU Ram-- but after financial hardships caused by the pandemic or a different reason, many Coloradans are looking for more cost-effective options, even if that means their child may not get the full traditional 'college experience'.

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