Colorado's stunning natural landscapes are the state's most alluring yet dangerous factors.

From hiking to rafting to skiing, our favorite outdoor activities have proved fatal to some Coloradans (and visitors) this year — at least 104 of them, in fact.

This large number serves as an important reminder about the risks of exploring Mother Nature, and how we can avoid them.

Skiing/snowboarding-related deaths (22)

According to OutThere Colorado, a lot of these deaths were caused by avalanches. Others died in skiing and snowboarding accidents, many of which occurred on extreme or out-of-bounds terrain.

Water-related deaths (34)

Many of these deaths were rafting/tubing accidents, influenced by rough waters that caused the raft to flip or the person to fall out. Other deaths are not explained, with the bodies being found in rivers or lakes.

Hiking-related deaths (11)

Majority of these deaths were due to falls, some as far as 200 feet. Others were caused by lightning and cardiac events triggered by the physical activity.

Climbing-related deaths (6)

All of these deaths were because of falls. Some of the falls were caused by slippery weather conditions and loose rocks.

Off-highway vehicle-related deaths (12)

ATV accidents caused most of these deaths. Other accidents involved snowmobiles, which fell into water or broke down amid freezing temperatures in the wilderness.

Other (19)

Other deaths this year were caused by bull riding, shoveling snow off the roof, a car fire, skydiving accidents, camping incidents, and cyclist crashes.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those we lost this year.

Be sure you are fully equipped and prepared for outdoor adventures next year. Here's to a fun and safe 2020.


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