With the surge of job losses across Colorado and a halted economy, food pantries are depleting supplies faster than they are coming in.

Most food banks depend solely on monetary donations as well as food donations from grocery stores, and neither method of income is doing well at the moment. Grocery stores are wiped clean of food before they can even restock, restaurants are closed and many are struggling financially due to the closures, so monetary donations have stalled as well.

This puts the food sensitive people of our community, which is climbing by the day, out in the rain, so to speak.

“They don’t have anything to give us,” Lynne Telford, the CEO of Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado, told Denver Post.

Cheerful volunteers are working diligently across Colorado, but if one of them gets sick, there aren’t many volunteers available to keep things moving along, according to the Denver Post.

The Larimer County food bank is currently offering grab-and-go meals at select Fort Collins elementary locations that are available to the public, as many families depend on school lunches to feed their children.

How you can help:

Volunteer your time, your resources and donate if you are able.

The Larimer County Food Bank is asking for monetary donations, where every $1 donated equates to two meals provided for those in need.

Donate to Weld County Food Bank, where $1,000 provides 4,000 meals.

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