The seven firefighters who went to help with Hurricane Dorian have safely returned home, according to the Poudre Fire Authority Facebook page.

The PFA firefighters, known as Colorado Task Force One, were deployed to Hurricane Dorian on August 30 as part of a 16-person Mission Ready Package.

The team drove to Florida before following the storm to Georgia and North Carolina, ready to respond at a moment's notice. When they weren't responding, they were training on skills such as pre-planning, equipment readiness, and techniques.

The team even had one special moment in North Carolina with a 9-year-old name Niceas, who was celebrating his birthday. Niceas remembered how the task force had helped his neighborhood last year during Hurricane Florence.

He asked if he could have a picture with the team to remember his special day. They obliged and got a great photo.

Courtesy of Poudre Fire Authority Facebook.
The team and Niceas. Courtesy of Poudre Fire Authority Facebook.

Thanks to these firefighters for their help with Hurricane Dorian.

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