Spooky season is finally here, and there's no better way to celebrate than by curling up on the couch and watching a scary movie.

Horror films come out constantly (you need to see the hype about Smile), but some flicks stand the test of time. So, which frightening classic film is Colorado's favorite?

Let's find out.

Colorado's favorite Halloween movie is...

Colorado's favorite Halloween movie probably won't surprise anyone. According to new research from Wishlisted, Centennial State residents love watching 1979's The Shining, based on our very own Stanley Hotel.

The film technically isn't a Halloween movie, but we'd say watching Jack Nicholson slowly go insane is an apt spooky activity.

Coloradans aren't alone in their love of The Shining either. Residents in Nevada and Maine are also, let's say, drinking the "redrum."

How do you determine a state's favorite movie?

Wishlisted created a list of over 200 "Certified Fresh" horror movies on Rotten Tomatoes before heading to Google Trends to see which states searched for which films.

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Along with figuring out movie preferences, the agency also found that Oregon, Rhode Island, and West Virginia have the most scary flick fans.

What other scary movies made the list?

Locals in Washington, D.C., Kansas, and Georgia are looking forward to watching newer movies like UsVengeance, and Candyman this Halloween.

Other states, including Idaho, Illinois, and Alaska, want to get spooked by classic films like The FlyHorror of Dracula, and Alien.

If you're not a fan of horror flicks, be sure to check out 13 spooky-but-not-scary movies to watch this Halloween in the gallery below.

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