The state of Colorado will be doing away with the term "sex offender" due to the term's negativity according to the Gazette. The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board took a vote on Friday and will no longer recognize the term "sex offender".

Friday's vote passed 10-6 in favor of changing the term to "adults who commit sex offenses". The ideology in the change in terminology is based on "person-first" which places the person before the description.

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The Gazette states that the proponents of the terminology change claim this will help reduce the chances of convicted offenders to repeat offenses. The proponents also say that the label of "sex offender" creates a public perception that the offenders are a threat to the public.

Jessica Dotter, a sexual assault resource prosecutor for the Colorado District Attorneys' Council, told the Denver Post that sexual abuse victims want their offenders to be held accountable and to be known as an offender.

The change in terminology from "sex offender" to "adults who commit sexual offenses" is solely symbolic and would not change the enforcement of Colorado's sexual offender policies.

Ironically enough, the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board has no intention of changing the name of the organization after the vote to change the terminology on Friday.

Source: The Gazette - Denver Post

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