As fall approached, more and more businesses were emerging from lockdown as Colorado's pandemic response remained steady.

However, in the past week, COVID-19 cases rose significantly from last week. The state of Colorado reported that hospitalizations rose to 200 as of Friday morning (Oct. 2) — with that number at 152 last week.

Since the pandemic started, Colorado reports a total of 7,579 hospitalizations due to COVID-19. Peak hospitalization so far came earlier in the spring at more than 800.

According to The Denver Post, the recent spike in cases may be due to young people whose symptoms are getting worse. It's also speculated that young people may have passed it on to those who are higher risk without knowing it, and those are the ones headed to the hospital with more severe symptoms.

Luckily, Colorado is not yet reporting hospitals at capacity.

Health officials remain concerned with flu season approaching quickly, so they continue to encourage Coloradans to wear a mask, wash your hands, and remain physically distant in public.

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