When was the last time you drove over the Continental Divide in Colorado? Did you leave a Google review?

A visit to the Continental Divide in Colorado is breathtaking, literally. If you peruse the Google Reviews, you'll find that most are overwhelmingly positive, a few are negative, and several are funny. Here's a quick look at some of the amusing reviews.

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North America's Continental Divide

The Continental Divide goes by a number of names:

  • The Continental Divide of the Americas
  • The Great Divide
  • especially in Alaska, the Pacific-Arctic Divide

According to Wikipedia, it runs from the western tip of the Seward Peninsula in Alaska, through western Canada along the crest of the Rocky Mountains, including Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park, to New Mexico. It then follows the crest of Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental and extends to the tip of South America.

The Continental Divide In Colorado

If you are motivated to do so, you can hike the Continental Divide Scenic Trail, roughly 3,100 miles long. You could also drive Trail Ridge Road in Estes Park. Then again you could drive Loveland Pass at an elevation of 11,990 feet above sea level. Have you tried Cottonwood Pass near Buena Vista? Chances are you've driven Independence Pass at least once or twice.

Google Reviews Of The Continental Divide

Regardless of which road over the Continental Divide, which overlooks, or which hiking trail, you'll find this natural wonder receives almost universally positive ratings from Google reviewers. The Continental Divide itself scored an awesome 4.7 stars on Google. The Continental Divide Overlook has an impressive score of 4.9 stars. The Continental Divide Trailhead brings in an incredible 4.8 stars.

Funny Google Reviews Of Colorado's Continental Divide

Take a look at the gallery below, and you'll notice some common themes. It looks as though the #1 criticism of the Continental Divide concerns the lack of oxygen. Most of the reviews shown below are positive, and just a little weird. The two negative comments are petty, to say the least.

Hilarious Google Reviews of Colorado's Continental Divide

Colorado's portion of the Continental Divide is magnificent, to say the least. Have you visited the area? If so, did you leave a review? If you look at the Google Reviews for the Colorado Divide as it runs through Colorado, you'll notice that almost all comments are overwhelmingly positive. After hundreds of reviews, only one negative review was found. There were, however, several amusing reviews to be found.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's 'Garden of the Gods'

Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's most beloved attractions. Looking at Google Reviews you'll notice visitors have awarded it an amazing 4.8 out of 5 stars. A handful of visitors, though, did not have a positive experience. One tourist was dissatisfied with the hot cocoa. Another felt the place had far too many rocks. Check out these nasty 1-star Google Reviews of Colorado's Garden of the Gods.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's Clothing-Optional Hot Springs

Have you ever visited a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? Judging by the web traffic, they're incredibly popular. A large percentage of the population loves them and looks forward to any chance to visit. On the other hand, there are those who've had bad experiences, and have little if anything good to say.

Here's a number of nasty 1-star reviews of various clothing-optional hot springs located in Colorado. These reviews are pulled from sites such as Tripadvisor and Google. The reviews are copied in their original form, typos and all. The one exception would be the elimination of the facilities name. The proper names of the individual hot springs have been removed.

Not-So-Flattering Reviews of Western Colorado's Mt. Garfield

Mt. Garfield is more than just a great hike - it's an icon here in the Grand Valley. Not everyone enjoys making the hike, though. Here are a few not-so-flattering reviews of Mt.Garfield.

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