A part-time Colorado resident who's made the rounds lately with news and social media just learned a hard lesson. This is what happens when your choices bring you face to face with a federal judge.

David Lesh, 35, who spends some of his time in Colorado, used social media to document his disrespect for public lands. This is the same piece of work you saw disrespecting Hanging Lake, and on another occasion, making poopy in another Colorado lake.  Last Friday, October 30, Lesh finally had his chance to face the music.

Let's go back in time a bit. According to Vail Daily, Lesh agreed to a compromise earlier in October allowing him to enter U.S. Forest Service lands so long as he agreed to play nice. Lesh chose not to play nice and decided to throw it back in everyone's face 19 days later when he shared a photo of his potty-training exercise in Colorado's Maroon Lake.

U.S. Magistrate Gordon Gallagher was not amused by the photo. Vail Daily reports that as of Friday, October 30, 2020, Gallagher has ordered Lesh is no longer allowed to enter millions of acres of U.S. Forest Service lands.

Gordon also mandated Lesh could no longer post pictures or videos via any social media platform of him or anyone else violating laws on any federal lands under the jurisdiction of the court. Such lands would include:

  • National Monuments
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • National Forests
  • Other federal property

How long will this ban remain in effect? According to Vail Daily, at least as long as the duration of the current federal case against him.

On a side note, Lesh asked the magistrate to hold off on the ban until such time as he could retain the services of a new attorney. Judge Gallagher said no.

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