Aurora is making big decisions when it comes to their breed bans.

Colorado's first gentleman Marlon Reis spoke out about the possible ban lift today, saying that breed-specific legistlation (BSL) is "a dirty bomb that can’t help but destroy much more than its specified target within the blast zone." Read his full post below:

City officials enacted the BSL in 2005, banning pit bill terriers from Aurora homes. According to Sentinel, council members have gauged public opinion and are now fighting to"kill the citywide ban on pit bulls and replace it with a set of codes that would bar people from owning aggressive, dangerous or potentially dangerous pets."

All right, opinion alert...obviously, this kind of legislation can get tricky, but overall, breed specific legislation spreads unnecessary fear and blankets entire breeds with punishment rather than specific dogs, and I, for one, am happy to see the possibility of the ban lifting.

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