Every time it happens you can hear a loud groan across the entire state, get ready to hear it again. Colorado can't stay off the greatest place on Earth lists and we've done it again.

Colorado Best Place to Relocate-Boulder Getty Images
Colorado Best Place to Relocate-Boulder Getty Images

Believe it or not, some say that relocating is good for you. It rejuvenates you and gives you a new sense of being. And it's a great opportunity to declutter your life. Who said there was anything wrong for changing things up for a simpler life?


  • Boulder, Co: 'The Berkeley of the Rockies' Boulder is in the top ten of many lists including best farmers markets, greenest cities, pet-friendliest cities and top foodie cities. Great features of the Boulder area include an amazing tech scene, great outdoors and craft beers. Rent: $1,776
  • 'The Live Music Capital of the World', Austin, Texas: for breakfast tacos, food trucks and all things weird! Austin has also been ranked #1 in the U.S. for being pet friendly. Rent: $1,334
  • Scottsdale, Az: 'The West's Most Western Town' for Leisure, culture and architecture. Rent: $1,123
  • 'City of Lakes', Minneapolis, Minnesota: for parks, pop music and burgers! Oh and the birthplace of Prince! Rent: $1,160
  • Cincinnati, Ohio, no not for 'That 70's Show' It's the 'Queen City': it made the list for their beer, America's Pastime and Corn Hole. It's a social city with great food. Rent: $817
  • Knoxville, Tennessee: 'The Cradle of Country Music', it scores high for its volunteerism, country music and the Smokies (not the appetizer you make for game day and holidays, the mountains) Rent: $853
  • Oak Park, Illinois: 'Step Out of Line' with this city... know for architecture, family life and literary connoisseurs. The city has beautiful seasonal changes and is the life of leisure. Rent: $1,849
  • Richmond, Virginia: 'The River City': a great place for young professionals, history buffs and those who like to get out and about. Rent: $965
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 'City of Brotherly Love': this city has history, culture, art and cheese steaks! Rent: $1,288
  • 'America's Finest City', San Diego: this city explodes with surfing, craft beers and the California burrito. The perfect climate makes the average rent of $1,758 worth it.

Like many other Northern Colorado dwellers, this writer is glad it was Boulder this time and not Fort Collins again!

Anyone working on a bill to put neon signs around the state's borders that simply flashes "NO VACANCIES"?